Private Self Protection Study Group (Annual Membership)
Private Self Protection Study Group (Annual Membership)

Private Self Protection Study Group (Annual Membership)

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By joining my study group you have the unique opportunity to learn self-protection techniques, strategies, and tactics at your own pace, without any ego-trips, from the comfort of your own home!

Sometimes, you just don't know what you don't know, and you need an adjustment in your thinking. Consider this that adjustment.

You see, you know what your problem is; you are untrained in how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and you know you should get some training. You know it. You just don't know where to begin.

Or, let's say that you recognize the need for training, and maybe you have a little, but you know that there's more you need to know. You see that a little bit of self-protection skill is one thing but you're aware that you ought to be studying more, growing and developing your mind while you train your body.

While membership in an online group cannot give you skills (you have to acquire them the old-fashioned way and we provide opportunities for that) what we'd like to confidently state that our study group will provide you with a new way of thinking so that your physical training is taken to the next level. 

The purpose of a study group is to gather resources and put them there for the members of the group to engage with, think over on their own, and add their voice to an ongoing conversation about the issues of the group itself. 

We've decided to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our private, members-only Self-Protection Study Group! Here's what we're offering you for your annual tuition investment:

  • I will upload video content twice a week so that you'll have access to a particular skill set or technique on a routine basis.
  • I'll post frequent articles and other "discussion points" that will facilitate conversation. Remember that the purpose of the study group is to engage with the subject matter so that we facilitate learning and growth.
  • You have  the privilege to request content that addresses specific issues, scenarios, tools, or tactics in articles and/or videos.
  • There will also be original instructional content that will be easy to understand and simple to implement. No fancy, multiple move, crazy looking stuff here; we teach practical skills and make profound teaching easy to grasp.
  • I'll provide product reviews that you can use to decide how you want to spend your money on a given self-protection item or training aid. 
  • You'll have the opportunity to connect with me via email and know that you'll receive answers to all of your questions, no matter how far down the rabbit trail we go together!

PLUS, as a free gift to you so that you can jump start your training we're going to send you a Filipino Martial Arts starter kit! Your gift includes:

  • One pair of 28-inch rattan sticks made in the Philippines, with a light, traditional burn pattern and a clear finish. Sticks are the starting point in many Filipino Martial Arts.
  • One rugged polypropylene training dagger, so that you can transition your skills from stick to knife easily and still maintain a realistic feel to your training, since the dagger is suitable for live sparring. I believe this dagger is far superior to regular rubber ones and that's why I've chosen it for your gift.
  • One top-quality, deluxe training bag to carry your gear. The bag holds up to 8 sticks/swords and has a pocket for rapid deployment of a stick. It's also got a shoulder strap that you can adjust to carry your stuff in different ways.

That's not all! If you're a member of my study group then I want to offer you an additional bonus! If you want to train with me in person then I'm extending an invitation to you for my Self-Protection Foundations course at a special, members-only rate!

Once you're a member of the group I'll contact you with the details! 

Look, there are a lot of places that will take your money and offer you a little bit of information. They'll drip, drip, drip the content out to you, hoping to string you along and keep the money coming.

Or, they'll offer tons of free content with the desire to drive you to their website where you can spend a ton of money on stuff.

That's not our modus operandi here at LPS. I'm up front about everything we've got going on. 

There's no upsell here; you won't be pestered in our study group or your email inbox about any payment problems or monthly hassles.

I want to get the money thing out of the way so that we can focus on what's truly important, namely the study and pursuit of self-protection excellence.

When you become a part of this study group you'll have unprecedented access to a study group whose sole purpose for existing is to act as a clearinghouse and a storehouse for all things self-protection.

The price of our study group is a minuscule price to pay to invest in your own well-being and the well-being of your family and friends. 

Conversely, the cost of not investing could be astronomical and lifelong. I don't want you to have to deal with that cost.

Click the button above these words and we'll make sure you'll have access to our Self Protection Study Group.

Or if you're on the fence about investing in yourself shoot me an email and we'll talk about how our study group will be a benefit to you.

You'll be glad that you did because through serious study you will gain a clear course of action to equip yourself with the tools to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones.