Pocket Stick for Training or Carry

Pocket Stick for Training or Carry

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The pocket stick, is easy to use and suitable for personal protection. They're not a new tool at all, as they've been used for self-protection in the Philippines for generations.

At 5 inches long and 1 inch in diameter it's a ridiculously simple tool to learn to use properly!

You'll want to consult your local law enforcement to see if you can carry this, of course. If you're able to carry this you'll want to keep this item close at hand, because if you can't reach it, you can't use it.

If your laws prohibit carrying this you'll have a long-lasting training tool that can equip you to export your training into similarly sized items outside of training lab conditions.

This is an obvious choice to add to your training arsenal and even your everyday carry (again, if your local laws allow for it.)!

Also, remember that you never pay for shipping, no matter the size of your order!

NOTE: Check back here for a product video demonstration!