One-on-One Self-Protection Mentorship (One Year)

One-on-One Self-Protection Mentorship (One Year)

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Someone once said, "Real change takes time."

You probably know that the journey begins with the first step but you also know that it's often a long journey that leads to the most transformation rather than the "quick fix."

I established this mentorship program with this in mind. I have created a structured program that is a blend of personal relationship, individualized content creation and selection, and educational excellence.

My mentorship program consists of four main areas. When you partner with me you will embark on what I call a guided self-education program.

Each phase builds on the preceding phase so that we will consistently apply the lessons learned along the way.

Here is an overview of the program:

  • Healthy self-examination: Beginning with your application we will take a long, close look at why you think the way you do about yourself and the area of self-protection and how we can eliminate the sort of limiting beliefs that hinder your training and education. (NOTE: There is a tremendous difference between healthy and unhealthy self-examination and you'll know how to determine type in which you've been engaged.)
  • Honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses: Before you can truly begin to train your body and your mind you'll need to know what areas of your life need more focused attention and what areas need maintenance. I will direct you through a guided self-education process to discover these things for yourself.
  • Helpful and practical application of every academic and emotional breakthrough: Once we've established the whys and hows of your physical and mental life I will structure a course of action that will equip you to implement that which you've learned. This will include a large amount of reading as well as homework assignments for you to complete based directly on the reading. (You didn't think it would be easy, did you?)
  • Hard-nosed follow-up to action steps: None of what we do will matter a hill of beans if we don't put teeth to your breakthroughs. That's where clear, concise, and consistent action comes in. We will be in regularly scheduled communication so that you won't have any excuses for not doing the work you know you need to get done.

You need to understand, really understand, that this mentorship program exists so that you won't have to walk down this road alone, merely parroting the words and actions of someone else.

You see, I am not merely trying to make you a copy of me, nor am I trying to create a gaggle of sycophants who will tell me what I want to hear. For example, how would it benefit you if I customized a mentorship program for you without care or concern for the things you do well or the things that need extra attention? 

How would it help you to train you to fight like me if you're a young, single woman who's never picked up a stick or knife? You know the answer as well as I; you would be in much more danger than if you were untrained, to be completely honest with you.

Folks, I'm no cult leader. Rather, my goal is to give my mentees principles with application for themselves and not merely a roadmap to be a carbon copy of me. We're going to train our minds and our bodies so that you have a firm foundation upon which to base your continued personal education and training process.

When you choose to apply for my one-on-one program you are choosing to embark on a journey that will not merely prepare you to successfully protect yourself and others.

Here are the steps you need to take to become my mentee:

  • When you apply to join the program I will send you an email questionnaire that will insure you are clear about my expectations of you during our time together.
  • If you are accepted into the program I will send you a one-page "Terms of Engagement" document that will make clear what your expectations of me should be and how we will work together.
  • Once you agree to my Terms of Engagement and make your financial investment I will provide you with the introductory resources to start your education.
  • Over the next year I will use our consistent communication to customize highly specific blocks of instruction so that everything we discuss has practical application and isn't merely useless discussion. 

From the time you contact me I will work to expand your ability to think critically, increase your assertiveness, and equip you with the tools to succeed not only in self-protection but also in life itself.

Our program is not for everyone... but it just might be for you, especially if you hold yourself to a high standard.

Bruce Lee once said, "A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself."

I have a vast (but not total, of course) knowledge of what works in the area of self-protection and when you agree to work with me I will tailor a program that meets your needs.

We will focus on, but not limit ourselves to, the physical side of self-protection, because self-defense reaches much farther than merely punches, kicks, headbutts, knees, and knife fighting.

When you are my mentee you will have the confidence of knowing that what I share with you will be content created and selected specifically for you, with your growth and success in mind. 

That means that the books that I will recommend to you and provide for you, the homework assignments I assign, the video content I create, and the training tools you'll receive, are chosen specifically for you so that you can think and act differently than you have been. 

When I send you audio or video content it will be addressed specifically to you in a conversational tone and not some canned speech or rehashed lesson from somewhere else.

Please hear what I'm saying: This is the opportunity you never knew you wanted, but desperately needed.

Real change does take time. It also takes changing the way you think and changing the way you live. I'm here to go "all in" with you, to that end. 

And when the program is complete, when the year is up, will we simply go our separate ways? Far from it! My goal is to continue our relationship for years to come and it's a responsibility that I take seriously. 

The question is: Are you willing to go "all in" for yourself? If so, let's start the journey together.

Contact me HERE to let me know you're interested and I will send you an application or you can send me a message to schedule a telephone consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can congratulate you on our mentoring relationship.