Exclusive One Year Self-Protection Mentorship

Exclusive One Year Self-Protection Mentorship

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Someone once said, "Real change takes time." You probably know that the journey begins with the first step but you also know that it's often a long journey that leads to the most transformation rather than the "quick fix."

We established our mentorship program with this in mind. It is a structured program that is a blend of personal relationship, individualized content creation and selection, and educational excellence.

You need to understand, really understand, that our mentorship program exists so that you won't have to walk down this road alone. 

When you choose to make the commitment to our one-on-one program you are choosing to embark on a journey that will not merely prepare you to successfully protect yourself and others.

Your transformation will transcend the field of self-protection and reach out into other areas in your life.

Your decisive action will start you down a road that will expand your ability to think critically, increase your assertiveness, and equip you with the tools to succeed not only in self-protection but also in life itself.

Our program is not for everyone... but it just might be for you, especially if you hold yourself to a high standard.

What's more, each mentee's experience is customized specifically for them, so no two mentorship experiences are alike. We have the knowledge of what works in the area of self-protection and we will tailor a program that meets your needs.

When you are a mentee you will have the confidence of knowing that what we share with you will be content created and selected specifically for you, with your growth and success in mind.

Please hear what we're saying: This is the opportunity you never knew you wanted but desperately needed.  

When you invest in yourself through our mentorship program we will contact you with a brief "rules of engagement" document so that we can get started building your customized curriculum.

Real change does take time. It also takes changing the way you think and changing the way you live. We're here to go "all in" with you, to that end. 

The question is: Are you willing to go "all in" for yourself? If so, let's start the journey together.