Spiral Design Rattan Escrima Sticks

Spiral Design Rattan Escrima Sticks

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Rattan is a climbing vine found in the Philippine islands. It is generally used to train long blade (think of machete-sized or short sword) techniques in the Filipino Martial Arts. These sticks are made in and shipped directly from the Philippine islands.

The grains and fiber of the material are well-packed so that it is difficult to separate them. Simply put, these sticks will hold up well. This also means that when a rattan stick "breaks" it actually frays and doesn't splinter or shatter like soft, wood stick might, so it's a safe training tool for learning techniques in real time.

Each stick in this pair is 28-inches long and is approximately 7/8-inches in diameter. They are beautiful and practical tools that you'll use for a long time and be pleased to display them, should you desire.

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