What does "Love Always Challenges You" mean?

We have a strong desire to help other people and serve them well. "Love Always Challenges You." The letters of my last name make up the acronym. So what does it mean?

Love challenges you to do things you never thought you'd ever do, to solve problems you never knew you had, to take care of people you never want to see go without. Sometimes it means working two jobs (or more), other times it means starting a business for yourself so that you have more freedom to be with your family.

Love challenges you to suffer long, to not puff yourself up, to not behave in an unseemly fashion, to bear all things, to believe all things, to hope all things, to endure all things.

Love challenges a man to take care of his family by looking after other families, to serve his family by serving other families, to take care of his own family by taking care of other families.

My name is George Lacy, Jr. and my desire for Lacy Products and Services is to be a company who loves and serves you well so that you can be equipped to love and serve your own family well. As we get to know each other better it is my hope that you understand, by experience, exactly what I mean when I say that "Love Always Challenges You."