So who is the "Lacy" behind Lacy Products and Services? Well, my name is George Lacy, Jr. I'm a US Navy veteran and I'm married with 4 kids. 

I started this business not because I had a grand vision when I was a child and cultivated it through my young adult years and now have brought my dream to fruition. As cool a story as that would be it's just not the case.

No, I decided to start Lacy Products and Services because I was put in a position where I needed to take care of my family. There's much more to the story, things I'll share in videos and other ways, but the bottom line is I was put in a place where I needed to make a decision; do I simply "get another job" or do I take a chance and step out in faith, trusting that I could earn a living for my family on my own terms.

A quick note is in order. My parents, George Lacy, Sr. and Karen Bradshaw, are really the inspirations for this business. Dad's a Vietnam veteran who found himself in a similar situation as me. He wound up starting his own business and used that to provide for his family in the same way I want to provide for mine. Also, my mom, stepfather, and younger brother have run a family business, selling and repairing small engines (lawnmowers, weedeaters, chainsaws, etc.) for over thirty years. The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, huh?

Look, the bottom line is that I'm a real guy, with a real family, with the same kinds of wants, needs, and obligations as you. I'm a little farther down the road than some of you and I want to be able to reach back and help families prioritize their lives so that their relationships are rich and loving. 

If my kids get together, long after my wife and I are gone, and reminisce about how much they loved their childhood and how great their relationships are, then I'd consider that a life well-lived. I want that for y'all, too. It might mean picking up a product that'll make your life easier or it might mean touching base with me to bounce ideas off of, talk more about an issue, or even to push back with some disagreement on things. 

We want to provide top-quality products for you. You can find cheap things anywhere. We do our level best to provide items that can benefit your family and grow you closer together. That's really everything about which we care. We also plan on providing services that can either aid in your good parenting or stimulate your thinking into changing some things up in how you do things. Anything to help families get relate better and be stronger.

Consider Lacy Products and Services as a tool in your parenting toolbox. I really want to be a help to you in any way I can. There's more to follow and I hope that you'll enjoy what's to come.