Self-Protection Foundations: Gateway to Continuing Education

Self-Protection Foundations: Gateway to Continuing Education

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Begin your journey to self-protection awareness by choosing individual study with George Lacy and our Self-Protection Foundations (SPF) course!

This course serves as the foundation upon which to build the house of your self-protection training.

The four hour course, which can be structured depending on your schedule, provides a personal introduction to the world of self-protection. 

SPF also introduces you to George Lacy's teaching approach and his philosophy of self-protection. You can use this course to get a sense of what you'll be exposed to when you enter our Continuing Education pipeline after SPF.

We are confident that once you've been exposed to George's teaching methodology and what LPS provides to mentees that your decision to continue training will be made for you. 

Self-Protection Foundations includes instruction in the following areas:

  • The necessity and appropriateness of self-protection.
  • The overall strategy for self-protection and the applicable tactics to be successful.
  • The ranges in which each confrontation will take place and how to thrive in each range.
  • The difference between "self-perfection" and "self-preservation" and why you can't confuse the two.
  • The use of the every part of the body in self-protection in easy to understand ways.
  • The simple, three-step plan to use in nearly every self-protection scenario and why not using this plan can be potentially fatal.
  • The role weapons play in self-protection and how to properly use them to achieve your self-protection goals. 
  • The need to approach the "mass attack" scenario with the right strategy and tactics to survive.

As a bonus we'll provide you with digital and physical tools to get you started in training that you get to keep after the course is over! This is a $500 value!

We're also including, to add even more value, a one year membership in our Self-Protection Study Group. That's a $600 value!

Also, we'll provide a certificate of completion and a few surprise perks, just to further reward you for completing our foundations course!

We teach Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts to achieve the maximum effectiveness in our instruction.

Our coursework is the same that Naval Special Warfare as well as numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have received.

Simply put, we know that what we teach works. It is our desire to use the time-tested strategy and tactics of Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, and Paul Vunak to equip our clients with the best skill set possible.

The Greek poet, Archilochus, said, “We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” 

In a crisis having a low-level of training can be fatal.

Take the first step to raising your level of training. Make the investment in yourself by partnering with us to begin down the road to self-protection competency.

NOTE: Upon completion of SPF you will be eligible to expand and refine your training with our Continuing Education program at a rate reserved for SPF graduates ONLY!