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The Difference Between Acting Tough and Being Tough

“You don’t need to ‘act tough;’ you need to be tough.” -Gary Halbert, “The Boron Letters” Gary Halbert wrote the previous sentence to his son, Bond. There's actually a good deal to learn and apply from these eleven words. There's been so much ink spilled on the subject of "toughness." One way of thinking says that you need to harden your mind and body through listening to personal transformation podcasts and performing grueling physical workouts. The idea is to become a civilian version of a special operations soldier or modern-day "Spartan," straight out of the pages of history or some comic book/graphic novel. Yet another school of thought says that you should join a martial arts school, show up at every class, take private lessons, compete...

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How a weekend trip became an exercise in self-protection

It's been a few days since our last article and I wanted to share a bit as to why that is. For the past five days my family and I were spending time with some out of town friends, a fellow pastor and his wife. It truly was time well spent. These friends opened their lives to us. They shared their lake house with us, packed the refrigerator and cabinets with food, and basically took care of us for the time we were there.  In addition to this we had the chance to relax, just the six of us. We spend time together by a lake, unwinding and not concerning ourselves with anything other than enjoying one another.  We also...

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